• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – October 2021

1. (n) strategy: a plan to achieve something, usually in the long term and involving systematic approaches

Example: Implementing a strategy requires collaboration and organization skills and not just creative thinking.

2. (n) adjustment: the change needed to make something more effective or to respond to a new environment/ threat

Example: The rising number of COVID-19 cases forces many companies to make significant adjustments to their return-to-office plans.

3. (n) prerequisite: something that must be done before something else can happen/ is possible

Example: A passionate for helping people is an essential prerequisite for becoming a medical doctor.

4. (adj) pervasive: spreading across a place or through the whole of something

Example: The pervasive smell of the rose garden is a key reason why so many tourists visit the village.

5. (n) consensus: the agreement reached among all parties or people involved

Example: The new import tax plan has received wide consensus among all political parties.

6. (n) direction: the instructions to do something or go to a place or the path that someone/ something is moving along

Example: The strategic direction of this e-commerce platform is driven by three factors, including speed, value for money and convenience.

7. (n) tumult: chaos, loud noise, or a state of instability

Example: In the tumult of uncertainties, businesses need to reflect on their core values and the reasons why they exist.

8. (n) preserve: to take care of something to prevent it from being damaged or to keep an idea

Example: In order to mitigate the risks of climate change, governments must preserve forests.

9. (adj) indispensable: If A is indispensable to B, then B is unlikely/ impossible to happen without the existence of A

Example: The collaboration of private individuals, businesses and governments is indispensable to solving the global problem of climate change.

10. (n) parallel: If A and B happen in parallel, they happen at the same time

Example: Before a flight can take off, many teams need to operate in parallel to achieve operational efficiency.

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