• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – September 2019

1. (n) afterglow: a glad feeling after you go through an enjoyable experience

Example: His sense of humor helped to shed a much-needed afterglow in the midst of financial difficulties.

2. (n) memento: something that you keep to remind you of a person, place or event

Example: The tourists bought a model of Tuk Tuk as a memento of their trip to Thailand.

3. (adj) apt: to be very suitable for something

Example: It is an apt decision to rent a car to sightsee this city, because you can enjoy the freedom of mobility.

4. (n) nobility: honest and brave behaviors that people admire

Example: To fake their emotional intelligence, some people try to show an excessive level of nobility in their daily routine.

5. (adj) purported: to be said by some to be true but not proved to be valid

Example: Before jumping to a conclusion, these scientists decide to carefully examine the purported new evidence.

6. (n) menace: something that is likely to cause a threat or harm

Example: Smoking is considered a menace to smokers and those who are second-hand smokers.

7. (n) raft: a simple boat made by combining long pieces of wood

Example: The school will organize a competition in which students work in teams to design the cheapest yet most beautiful raft.

8. (v) huddle: to move close together to stay warm, feel secure or discuss something

Example: Several teachers huddled with the Principal to discuss their teaching plans.

9. (v) peek: to look at something quickly and secretly so that others do not recognize what you are doing

Example: The police officers peeked into the room to look for the missing children.

10. (adj) precarious: to be likely to change, fail or fall in the future

Example: The startup does not receive any investment, because the investors do not want to risk a precarious investment.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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