• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Revision – Accommodation and Comedy

Sample Speaking Part 1 questions on accommodation:

- What type of accommodation are you living in?

- Do you like your current accommodation? Why or why not?

- What is your favorite room or corner in the accommodation?

- Do you usually clean your accommodation?

- Do you plan to move to a new place of residence in the near future?

Sample Speaking Part 1 questions on comedy:

- Are you a fan of comedy shows? Why or why not?

- Have you ever watched a comedy show on TV?

- Do you have a favorite comedian?

- Have you ever attended a standup comedy show?

- Do you think that watching comedy helps boost your mental health?

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Watching TV shows can be a great way to improve your English vocabulary and grammar. Comedy shows from Trevor Noah are our favorite. Here is an example:

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