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Speaking Part 1 Revision – Sample Answers on Books and Birthdays

Sample Q&A on books:

Q: Do you enjoy reading books?

A: Yes, I am a big fan of reading. I spend at least 30 minutes a day reading books. I usually read books before bedtime and realize that this is a great method to boost my sleep quality.

Q: What are your favorite types of books?

A: I am interested in reading non-fiction books. I enjoy reading about human psychology, modern economics, and entrepreneurship. In addition, I occasionally buy books on politics and am fascinated by how political changes can impact the daily lives of private individuals.

Q: Where do you buy books?

A: I normally buy books on e-commerce platforms. The reason is that I have more choices, can enjoy product discounts, and have my orders delivered to my home within a few working days. However, I visit a physical bookstore once to twice a year just to enjoy the feeling of walking around a huge space filled with books.

Q: Have you ever received books as a gift?

A: Yes, two months ago I received a book from my friend. For my birthday, she bought me the book “Born a Crime”, written by the famous comedian Trevor Noah. This is one of the best books I have ever read, because it reveals the brutal truths of racism and how people can maintain their optimism even under political suppression.

Q: How has the way you read changed since you were a child?

A: When I was a child, reading books was not a daily routine. I read books only three to four times a week. Furthermore, as a kid, my areas of interest were natural science, national literature, and comedy.

Sample Q&A on birthdays:

Q: What do you normally do on your birthday?

A: On my birthday, I usually organize a small party at home or in a restaurant. I would invite my family members and a few friends to come over. We normally eat Asian food, drink beer, and join a karaoke party afterwards.

Q: Are birthdays personally important to you?

A: Yes, but I feel like it is now less important than it was when I was a kid. As a kid, I was always excited by the idea of big birthday parties, because that was when my parents bought me new clothes, toys, books and even computer games. These days, I am less concerned with the gifts I receive and more with family and friend reunion.

Q: Do your friends and family members celebrate their birthdays in the same way as you do?

A: I am not sure, as they all have different hobbies and favorite gifts. On the one hand, I have friends who would like to organize huge birthday parties filled with expensive champagne and colorful balloons. On the other hand, my introvert friends are more interested in quiet gatherings where their friends can talk and sing together.

Q: What gifts do you normally receive on your birthday?

A: I normally receive books, sports shoes, and clothes from my friends. My parents and family members would instead invite me to a restaurant (and of course they pay for it). On some occasions, I receive money, which is a traditional way to wish someone luck in my country.

Q: Have you ever travelled to a new place on your birthday?

A: No, for me birthdays are opportunities for family and friend reunion, not for travelling. Birthday is something I can only celebrate once a year; therefore, I want to spend it with the people who are most important to me. Instead, I often travel during public holidays and the summer season.

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