• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Revision – TV Shows and Sunglasses

Sample Speaking Part 1 Questions on TV Shows:

1, What are your favorite TV shows?

2, Do you watch foreign TV shows?

3, How often do you watch TV shows?

4, Have you ever watched a TV show live in a studio?

5, Do you think that people of a country should be encouraged to watch their traditional TV shows instead of foreign ones?

Sample Speaking Part 1 Questions on Sunglasses:

1, Do you own a pair of sunglasses?

2, When was the last time that you bought a pair of sunglasses?

3, Are you willing to spend a large amount of money on sunglasses?

4, Would you buy somebody a pair of sunglasses as a gift?

5, What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing sunglasses?

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