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Speaking Part 1 Revision – Sample Questions and Answers on Planning

1, Do you often make plans for what you do?

A: As a detail-oriented person, I make plans every day. Every morning, I create a to-do list of tasks that I need to finish and rank them in order of importance. Furthermore, I also plan what I will eat for the day to make sure that my calorie intake is reasonable.

2, When preparing for exams as a student, did you create revision plans?

A: Yes, I created a structured revision plan when I had an exam. I was not a big fan of studying ten chapters a day; therefore, I tried to divide the workload over the course of several weeks. In addition to studying, I also spent time on my hobbies, such as football, to make sure that I could regain energy.

3, When you go on holidays, do you make plans?

A: My plans for holidays start with booking flight, train and/or bus tickets, because transport service providers often reward early bookings with fare discounts. Afterwards, I will book my accommodation and tickets to places, such as museums and parks, where I plan to visit. In several cases, I also have to submit a Visa application, which can take weeks to be processed.

4, Do you make plans for your financial life?

A: Not really. Although I am aware of my daily spending and am trying my best to cut spending on things I do not need, I still do not have a structured approach to financial planning. For example, I do not have a separate budget to buy my first house and another for my retirement. Moreover, I would also like to invest my unused money in stocks and commodities to generate even more income.

5, Do you have any long-term plan, e.g. in the next 10 years?

A: I have a few. First, within the next 10 years, I plan to earn a master’s degree. Holding a master’s degree can reinforce my business skills and knowledge and accelerate my career growth. Second, I would like to get married and buy my first house. Third, I will embark on trips to my wish destinations, such as Australia, South Korea and Africa.

6, Have you ever cancelled a plan? If yes, please tell me more about the occasion.

A: I had to cancel many plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. For example, the processing of my Employment Visa was delayed, causing disruptions to my relocation. Additionally, with travel restrictions all around the world, I had to cancel two trips, one to Germany and one to the UK, even though I booked my flight tickets and hotels months ago.

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