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Speaking Part 2 Revision – Sample Answer on Preparing for an Exam


Describe an occasion in which you had to prepare for an exam.

You should say:

· When and where the occasion was

· What exam you had to prepare for

· How you prepared for it

And explain how you felt about the experience.

Sample Answer:

(This is only a sample answer. Therefore, if spoken, it may not last for exactly 2 minutes.)

I would like to describe a situation in which I had to prepare for a final exam. It happened two years ago when I was a freshman at London School of Economics (or LSE), and I was preparing for my Economics exam.

The Economics course consists of two modules, including Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. In Microeconomics, my classmates and I learned about the theories of production, costs and different types of market, such as monopoly and oligopoly. The module of Macroeconomics, on the other hand, reinforced our knowledge of monetary and fiscal policies, such as taxation and government spending.

To prepare for this exam, I spent a huge amount of time studying at my university’s library. I researched lecture slides and read through several reference books. Furthermore, I also read news on a regular basis, especially on The Economist, to understand how economic theories work in real life. One week before the exam, I studied as a group with my classmates, and we contacted our professor when we had questions or struggled to solve an exercise.

It was a highly busy two-week period. Although I did not achieve my target grade, I still managed to pass the course and gain useful insights from group discussions with my classmates.

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