• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Communications in the Modern Society

In this article, I would like to introduce several Speaking Part 3 topics and related questions on “Communications in the Modern Society”.


- In your opinion, what are the causes of misinformation?

- What social and economic consequences does misinformation lead to?

- Can misinformation negatively impact children’s development?

- What governmental regulations are needed to fight misinformation?

- How can social media users contribute to this fight?

Information Overload:

- Why are many people these days experiencing an “information overload”?

- How can people select news and promotions that really matter to them?

- How can consumers make wise purchase decisions despite facing an information overload?

- Does an information overload impact the company vs. customer relationship in any way?

- What policies are needed to help consumers overcome an information overload?

Online Meetings:

- Why are online meetings becoming increasingly popular?

- What benefits do companies enjoy when organizing online meetings instead of physical ones?

- Do you agree that online meetings hamper collaboration?

- What do team members and managers need to prepare for before attending an online meeting?

- Do you think that online meetings will one day completely replace physical meetings in some companies?

Would you like to share your answers to the questions above with us and our readers? If yes, please leave a comment below.

Are you interested in knowing how to run effective online meetings? Watch this video from Lauren McGoodwin, founder of Career Contessa.

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