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Speaking Part 3 Revision – Home Schooling and Pension Systems

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on home schooling:

Example answer:

Q: Why is the number of children who receive home schooling increasing?

A: There are two reasons why the number of home-educated children is rising. First, the cost of formal education in many countries is growing. Consequently, home education appears to be a more affordable option for many parents. Second, several fathers and mothers also wish to teach their kids in their own ways. For example, they would like to place an emphasis on boosting natural experience, instead of forcing their children to study boring, heavily theoretical academic subjects.

1, What are the positive effects of home schooling on a child’s academic and non-academic development?

2, Can home schooling negative impact a child in any way?

3, What should parents do to make sure that their kids’ home education experience is no worse than their kids’ formal schooling experience?

4, Do you think that governments should encourage more students to receive home schooling? Why or why not?

5, If more and more parents opt for home schooling, fewer employment opportunities will be available to qualified teachers. Do you agree with this statement?

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on pension systems:

Example answer:

Q: Why should governments invest in public pension systems?

A: There are two reasons why governments should spend money developing public pension systems. First, generous pension funds will make sure that the elderly, after their retirement, can enjoy a decent life. Therefore, governments will see less pressure to invest in expensive nursing homes for the old. Second, public pension systems with a wide range of benefits can attract talents to work for the public sector. In many countries, while pay in the private sector is higher, pension benefits in the public sector are often much more desirable.

1, What are the reasons for pension systems to exist in the first place?

2, Pension funds in the private sector are always better than the public sector. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this claim?

3, Every citizen must be legally required by law to contribute his/ her salary to a certain pension fund. What is your opinion on this policy proposal?

4, Should employers use generous pension systems to attract talented workers, especially middle-aged ones?

5, Do pension systems have any negative effect on our society? If yes, please specify.

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Want to learn more about pension? Watch this video, by the Financial Times, to understand how the so-called “pension crisis” will threaten young workers of the modern time.

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