• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Using Mobile Phones and Safe Driving

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on using mobile phones:

· Do you think that using mobile phones help students improve their academic performance?

· Should children be allowed to use mobile phones? If yes, in what situations?

· In what circumstances should using mobile phones be prohibited or limited?

· In your opinion, does using mobile phones while in a conversation with others show disrespect?

· Do you think that mobile phones have made people’s lives more convenient? Why or why not?

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on safe driving:

· In your opinion, what are the major causes of road accidents?

· Why do several countries experience many more road accidents than others?

· Do you agree with the statement that legal driving age should be increased?

· Why is it dangerous to use mobile phones while driving?

· What can governments do to improve traffic safety?

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