• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Sample Questions on Energy and Charity


· What are the most common sources of renewable energy in your country?

· Why are so many countries increasing their investment in renewable energy?

· Do you think that renewable energy will be the answer to the global problem of pollution?

· What are several disadvantages of renewable energy?

· Do you agree with the view that fossil fuels will no longer be needed in 50 years?


· What roles do charity organizations play in the fight against poverty?

· Do you think that the revenues of charity organizations should be taxed?

· How can charity organizations best help struggling families in times of crisis, for example, financial slowdown or pandemic?

· Can private businesses improve their public brand image by making charity donations?

· Should young people gain charity experience to facilitate their job hunting process?

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Do you wonder which countries are leading the global renewable energy race? And what are the challenges ahead? Watch this report from CNBC to learn more.

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