• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – The Overwork Culture and Working from Home

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on the overwork culture:

- Why do you think there is an overwork culture in several countries?

- Do you think that working longer hours will always improve productivity?

- What are the consequences of the overwork culture on employees?

- Do you think that the overwork culture can affect companies’ public image?

- How can governments eradicate the overwork culture in their countries?

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on working from home:

- Why do some companies allow their employees to work from home?

- How can members of a team collaborate while working remotely?

- How can companies support their employees while they work from home?

- Do you think that when employees work from home, their productivity will decrease?

- Are there jobs that cannot be done remotely?

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