• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – The Role of Teachers and Technology in Education

Sample Speaking Part 3 revision questions on the role of teachers in education:

· What are the general roles of teachers in education?

· Are teachers’ roles different at different educational levels, for example, primary education vs. university education?

· Do you think that teachers in rural areas are underpaid? If yes, what can be done to financially support them?

· Do you think that teachers and students should have outside-the-classroom relationships? If yes, why?

· Should candidates for teaching jobs be assessed on teaching experience or teaching certificates?

Sample Speaking Part 3 revision questions on the role of technology in education:

· How has technology improved students’ learning process in general?

· In what ways can technology hinder a teenager’s academic progress?

· Should students be allowed to use smartphones and tables inside classrooms? Why or why not?

· Do you think that robots will completely replace teachers one day?

· What technological advancements should be developed in the future to facilitate learning process among young and old adults?

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Why can’t technology fix all educational problems? Watch this TED Talk from Mary Jo Madda to learn why.

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