• Mai Duc Nguyen

Top IELTS Question – When and Where to Take the IELTS Exam?

In this article, I would like to address one of the biggest concerns among IELTS candidates – Where and when to sit the IELTS exam? There is no “universal” answer, because it depends on each candidate’s academic and professional expectations as well as amount of free time.

The “When” Question

To answer the “When” question, first determine your purpose of taking the IELTS exam – For example, do you want to study abroad at a British university, or do you need the IELTS certificate for professional promotions? Afterwards, calculate how much time you have your IELTS revision and decide an appropriate test date.

For example, you would like to start your master’s degree at a Canadian university in September 2021. Now it is May 2020. From your research, you realize that the deadline of submitting applications for the fall 2021 admissions is May 1, 2021, meaning you have one year before this deadline approaches.

Therefore, an appropriate test date is anytime within the first three months of 2021. There are two reasons. First, you will have at least 7 months for your IELTS revision, which should be more than enough. Second, if you take the IELTS exam in February 2021, for example, and fail to obtain the minimum score required by the Canadian university, you can retake the exam in March.

The “Where” Question

The “Where” question should not cause much worry. Once you identify the official test date, choose a location that is most convenient to you. For example, choose a test location where is nearest to the place where you live, or where you feel most confident and comfortable with.

The quality of facilities and equipment at all IELTS test centers is the same on a global scale, no matter where and when you take the exam. Hence, if you are an Indian national living in Germany, for instance, there is no need to travel to India just to take the IELTS exam. Of course, when doing so increases your confidence, you should consider travelling.

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