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Top Words, Phrases and Ideas to Learn for Essays on the Environment

Major Environmental Problems These Days:

· Pollution: Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution

· Plastic waste

· Deforestation

· Global warming

· Extinction of rare animals

· Depletion of natural resources

Causes of Major Environmental Problems:

· Industrialization: The rise of factories and machines which produce waste and pollute the environment

· Private vehicles: Vehicles which consume fossil fuels generate toxic chemicals into the environment

· Consumer behavior: The use of plastic bags and other one-time non-recyclable items is damaging oceans

Effects of Major Environmental Problems:

· Public health: People’s physical and mental health is negatively impacted

· Natural disasters and extreme weather occur more frequently

· Natural resources and natural sites, such as beaches, are degraded

· A lack of ecological balance endangers the world’s food and energy security

Solutions for Major Environmental Problems:

· From households: Change their behaviors to become “greener” consumers, e.g. by using paper bags while shopping

· From schools: Educate children and the public about simple ways to protect the environment, e.g. by recycling household waste correctly

· From governments: Raise taxes on environment-damaging entities and actions, e.g. diesel-powered cars

· From companies: Respect local, national and global environmental standards set on commercial activities and aim to reduce waste, e.g. by eliminating plastic cups in meetings

Sample Essay for Your Revision:

Recently, several airlines decided to terminate the use of plastic bags, cups and other cutlery items on all flights. Do the advantages of this new policy outweigh its disadvantages? Explain your answer in a minimum of 250 words.

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How are airlines responding to the call for zero plastic waste? Watch this video from The National as one of its correspondents, Louise Burke, departs Etihad’s first plastic-free flight.

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