• Mai Duc Nguyen

Vocabulary Builder Exercise – Matching Words to Their Meanings

Exercise: Match each of the following words (1-10) to its correct meaning (a-j).


1. imitation

2. flattery

3. distinction

4. refine

5. vicious

6. thrive

7. acute

8. strive

9. vulnerability

10. credibility


a. to improve something by making changes to it

b. to grow, develop or become successful

c. the act of copying something

d. to try hard to achieve something

e. a quality that makes other people trust or believe you

f. a praise that is not sincere and is given to please the recipient

g. something that is dangerous or unpleasant

h. a difference between two things

i. something that is serious or severe

j. the status of being weak and easy to be hurt

Please find the answers here.

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