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Writing Task 1 Revision – Sample Pie Chart Essay on Consumer Spending

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The pie charts give information about the spending behaviors of households in Japan and Malaysia in 2002.

Essay (161 words):

The pie charts describe the percentage of incomes that Japanese and Malaysian households spent on five different categories of goods and services in 2002.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of incomes of Japanese households was spent on food, followed by housing costs (21%), transport expenses (20%) and healthcare services (6%). Furthermore, other goods and services accounted for 29% of spending made by households in Japan, marking the largest share of expenditure.

In Malaysia, housing, instead of other goods and services as in Japan, attracted the most considerable percentage of income spending (34%). Compared to Japanese consumers, those in Malaysia spent a slightly larger portion of their incomes on food (27% vs. 24% in Japan), but twice lower portions on transport (10% vs. 20%), on healthcare services (3% vs. 6%) and relatively less on other goods and services (26% vs. 29%).

In conclusion, the pie charts illustrate that in both countries, healthcare services cost Japanese and Malaysian households the least shares of expenditure.

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