• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 Revision – Useful Sentence Structures for a Bar Chart Essay

Structures for Describing Comparisons:

- In 2011, paper was the most recycled type of waste with a record of 57 tons, followed by glass (48 tons), tins (35 tons) and garden (32 tons).

- In 2012, garden waste (15 tons) was recycled the least in the given recycling center, left behind by paper (50 tons), glass (41 tons) and tins (27 tons).

- In 2015, paper (70 tons) was recycled twice as much as garden waste (35 waste) in the recycling center.

Structures for Describing Trends:

- The amount of recycled paper in the center reduced from 57 tons in 2011 to 40 tons in 2013, before rising to 70 tons in 2015.

- The amount of recycled tins remained relatively stable throughout the period, standing at 35 tons in 2011 and slightly increasing to 39 tons four years later.

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