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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on the Decline of Family Size

Writing Task 2 Topic:

Family size in many countries is decreasing. What are the reasons for this trend? What effects does it have?

Sample Essay: (302 Words)

Because of women’s declining birth rates and the decreasing attractiveness of a traditional marriage, family size in many countries is dropping. Although this trend helps couples save costs of childcare and children education, it has negative impacts on economies’ future productivity. This essay will analyze the causes and effects of declining family size.

These days, as more women attend higher education and invest time in career growth, birth rates are constantly decreasing. For example, statistics show that the fertility rate in South Korea is 0.98, suggesting an average woman in the country has less than one baby. Furthermore, many young people have no plan to get married and build a traditional family, because they wish to evade the responsibilities of becoming parents and raising children. Having a family, additionally, means that people will have less time to spend on hobbies, making marriage even less attractive.

Although staying single creates financial and personal freedom for young people, the negative economic and social effects clearly outweigh. In the long term, if the birth rate of a country continues to plummet, its productivity growth will slow, hurting its ability to innovate, produce goods and services and compete against other economies. On the other hand, the gradual disappearance of traditional family puts social norms and values at the risk of being forgotten. Finally, as couples retire, having no kids means that they will have to rely on healthcare services; therefore, the burden on countries’ healthcare systems will be amplified.

In conclusion, the decline of family size can be explained by people’s desire to accelerate their career growth and obtain financial freedom as well as lives without parental responsibilities. In my opinion, because the disadvantages of this trend surpass its advantages, governments should implement policies to gradually boost family size and, thus, their countries’ future economic perspectives.

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