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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on Building More Private Hospitals

Sample Essay Topic: Many people propose that more private hospitals should be built because these provide better healthcare services. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample Essay (270 words):

Many people advocate for the construction of more private hospitals, since this trend can create new jobs, benefit health equipment providers and foster competition in the healthcare industry. Although the costs of treatment in private hospitals can be high, governments can support through insurance coverage programs. In this essay, I will analyze in more detail why I agree with the claim that more private hospitals should be built.

When new private hospitals are developed, new jobs, such as nurses, doctors, medical professionals and healthcare managers, will be created. In addition, health equipment providers can also financially benefit from the rise of private hospitals, since they sell products directly to the hospitals. Furthermore, because private hospitals normally hold massive financial and human resources, they can produce significant medical breakthroughs and inventions, benefiting patients and the whole society. For example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, many private hospitals had successfully treated infected patients.

Critics of private hospitals argue that their services are not affordable for the majority of people. However, this is justifiable due to the hospitals’ intensive investments in improving customer services and facilities. Importantly, governments can intervene by delivering new insurance coverage programs to support low-income families wishing to visit private hospitals. Finally, building more private hospitals is a positive development, as it increases competition in the healthcare sector, forcing public hospitals to upgrade their treatments, services and equipment.

To conclude, the analyses above show that the advantages of constructing more private hospitals clearly outweigh the disadvantages. In my opinion, although I support this development, government should still closely monitor large-scaled private hospitals to prevent healthcare monopolies from appearing and growing.

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