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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on Planting Trees in Big Cities

Sample Topic:

To reduce air pollution, cities should plant more trees. To what extent do you agree or disagree with statement?

Sample Essay: (273 words)

In the last few decades, the rise of air travel, factories, and private cars has polluted the natural environment in many countries. To tackle this problem, governments and activists propose that cities should plant more trees, which also create green areas for their residents. I strongly agree with this proposal, and this essay will analyze the reasons why.

Planting more trees has positive and measurable impacts on the natural environment. First, because trees consume carbon dioxide and generate pure oxygen, they help to increase air quality in cities, where private vehicles, the primary mode of transport, lead to fossil fuel emission. Second, trees also reduce stormwater runoff and provide habitat as well as food for wildlife, such as birds and squirrels. The environmental benefits of trees have been proven by scientific research. For example, studies show that two mature trees can produce enough oxygen for a family of four.

Furthermore, parks and conservation zones with a huge number of trees also serve as attractive tourist destinations. When tourists visit these places, they spend money and, therefore, facilitate the growth of local economies. Trees, additionally, create green and clean areas where city residents can relax, talk, and socialize. These places can also become ideal picnic spots and allow families to spend quality time together.

In conclusion, based on the reasons above, the environmental and economic advantages of planting more trees in cities clearly outweigh the initial financial investment. Although this is a positive development, governments should also implement other initiatives, such as limiting the use of private vehicles, building more public transport connections, and encouraging households to recycle more, to improve the natural environment.

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