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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on Reading Culture among Children


These days, many children read very few books during their childhood. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to encourage children to read more books?

Sample Essay (282 words):

In the modern society, due to the rise of addictive entertainment and changes to schools’ academic agendas, children read very few books throughout their childhood. Although this is a negative development, the situation can be improved with the support of governments, teachers and parents. This essay will examine the causes of and solutions to the declining reading culture among children these days.

These days, children spend a huge amount of time on social media platforms, TV shows and online games. Additionally, because many schools enforce heavy academic agendas, kids must attend classes and field trips during school hours, as well as complete homework in the evening. In both cases, therefore, the amount of time for reading is reduced. From an economic point of view, copyrighted books are usually expensive; thus, many low-income families struggle to buy books for their children.

To foster the reading culture among children, governments should provide more free books to places, such as public libraries, kindergartens and playgrounds, which attract a large number of kids. Furthermore, teachers can also give a hand by organizing more reading sessions during school hours and actively discuss interesting book titles with their students. Equally important, at home, parents should build bookshelves and set a maximum amount of time that their kids are allowed to spend on mobile devices and TV.

In conclusion, while kids from middle- and high-income families lack the time to read books, the problem for kids from financially struggling families is money. If governments, teachers and parents would like to encourage children to read more often, they must all contribute to the process. Specifically, governments should provide greater resources and teachers and parents should create more opportunities for reading.

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