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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on Teachers in Rural Areas

Sample Essay Topic:

In many countries, teachers in rural areas are underpaid. What are the effects of this problem? What can be done to solve it?

Sample Answer:

Teachers in rural areas are often underpaid because of the poor and fragile economies of these places. The low income of teachers in rural areas, consequently, encourages more teachers to seek teaching jobs in cities, making the problem of teacher shortage worse. This essay will discuss the effects of teachers being underpaid in remote regions and outline several steps to reduce this gap.

The first negative impact is on teachers’ standards of living. Low-paid teachers who struggle to enjoy a decent living will often look for other part-time jobs to increase income, decreasing the time they can spend teaching students. Furthermore, when teachers in rural areas are paid less than their peers in cities, they will leave to look for higher-paid jobs elsewhere. As a result, once rural areas face a shortage of well-qualified teachers, private businesses will stop pouring investments to build new labs and schools. Some provinces in Thailand, for example, have no private schools since there is a lack of trained teachers to fill vacancies.

Governments worldwide can introduce a minimum wage that is especially applied to teachers in remote areas to support their lives financially. Moreover, authorities should also impose a fixed number of teachers that must be sent to rural areas every year, depending on each area’s population. To attract talents domestically and globally, the public and private sector should also develop new research centers and international universities in underdeveloped communities. Once these educational institutions grow, they can afford greater pay for existing teachers, which attracts more talented teachers.

In conclusion, the effects of teachers in rural areas being underpaid on their standards of living and on the shortage of teachers need long-term solutions. However, the public and private sector can take gradual steps by improving the financial health of teachers in rural areas as well as the educational environments in these places.

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A rural town in Colorado is facing the same challenge. Watch this video from CBS This Morning to see how schools there are tackling the shortage of teachers.

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