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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay Topics on Plastic Waste

Sample essay topics on plastic waste:

1, The amount of plastic waste is rising on a global level. What are the consequences of this trend? What can be done to reduce the global amount of plastic waste?

2, Some people argue that only governments can solve the problem of plastic waste. Others, however, propose that individuals can, too. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

3, These days, many restaurants no longer offer plastic straws, bags or take-away boxes. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

Must-know tips for a successful Writing Task 2 essay:

  • In the introduction, explain the problem or the trend and state what you will do in the essay.

  • In the body paragraphs: (1) Add transitional words and phrases; (2) Develop real-life examples from case studies or statistics; (3) Analyze critically from different perspectives; (4) Highlight your personal opinions and (5) Maintain a clear and understandable essay structure.

  • In the conclusion, summarize your most important analyses, opinions and make recommendations and/or predictions, where relevant.

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