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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay Topics on the Workplace

Sample essay topics:

1, These days, many employers allow their workers to bring their pets to work. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

2, Group success is more important than individual success; therefore, supervisors only need to monitor groups’ performance levels. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

3, The number of freelancers is rising. What are the causes of this trend? What effects does it have on our society?

Sample essay on topic 1:

To boost productivity and create an employee-friendly environment, many employers these days encourage their workers to bring pets to work. In my opinion, the advantages of bringing pets to work for companies and individual employees outweigh its negligible disadvantages.

Bringing pets to work has several benefits. First, researches have shown that playing with pets helps reduce stress, thus making employees feel more relaxed and comfortable at work. A pet-friendly workplace, as a result, can improve productivity and work efficiency. Second, pets can facilitate teamwork activities and promote social interactions. Specifically, pets are often a point of common interest among employees; thus, bring pets to work allows employees to socialize with others more easily.

Although businesses may have to pay more for pets’ healthcare services and playgrounds, employees will be able to save huge amounts of money. Furthermore, because employees can take care of their pets during daytime, they will not be distracted from work. Thus, encouraging the existence of pets at work is normally seen as a necessary human resource investment. Finally, when pets are allowed to play in the workplace, customers’ perception of the business, hence its social image, is raised. Importantly, playing with pets helps customers better enjoy their visit and portrait companies as organizations that value their employees.

In conclusion, based on the analyses above, the benefits of bringing pets to work outweigh its drawbacks on an individual and organizational level. However, before implementing this policy, companies must examine if their organizations have sufficient spaces for pets to play and if they can pay for pet-related expenses.

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