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Writing Task 2 Revision – Sample Essay on Animal Testing


In many countries, animal testing is widely used in scientific researches. Is this a positive or negative development?

Essay (281 words):

Using animals for scientific experiments is popular among scientists, as they search for cost-effective ways to test the effectiveness of new drugs and vaccines. However, the negative effects of animal testing on animal health and the ecosystem clearly surpass the positive effects. In this essay, I will explain why animal testing is a negative development and offer my opinion on the trend.

Before taking part in scientific experiments, many animals are deprived of sleep, injected with poisons and/or forced to complete dangerous tasks. Thus, animal testing puts a great risk on the physical, mental health of animals and raises serious humanitarian concerns. Furthermore, some endangered and wild animals, such as monkeys, chimpanzees and horses, are purposefully hunted from the nature for animal testing projects. Therefore, scientific experiments which involve animals can negatively affect the ecosystem and wildlife.

Advocates of animal testing argue that using animals is needed to verify the effectiveness of new drugs, vaccines and other new medical treatments. However, because animals are able to feel pain, creating scientific breakthroughs is by no means a justification. Importantly, since humans and animals show differences in bodily structures and organic functions, results from animal testing projects are not necessarily applicable to humans. For example, in the 20th century, several scientific experiments on insulin demonstrated vastly different results as researchers switched from chickens to humans.

In conclusion, animal testing is a negative development, because it detrimentally impacts animal health, the ecological balance and the precision of scientific researches. In my opinion, scientists should develop artificial human organs to gradually replace and ultimately remove the use of animals in experiments. In the meantime, to protect wild and endangered animals, lab-raised animals should be preferred.

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