Sample IELTS Writing Task 1 Essay - Bar Chart

March 18, 2017


The bar chart illustrates the changes in percentage of urban population in different regions in the world. It consists of data in 1950, 2007 and predictions for 2030.


In general, over the period shown, all regions are expected to record a rise in percentage of urban population, with North America leading the way in 3 years.


In 1950, 64% of people in North America lived in urban areas, followed by Europe (51%), Latin America Caribbean (42%) and other regions with lower than 30%. In 2007, North America still had the highest percentage (79%) but its figure was closely followed by Latin America Caribbean (76%) and Europe (72%).


In 2030, North America (87%), Latin America Caribbean (84%) and Europe (78%) are still forecast to hold the dominance in terms of urban population figures, leaving world, Asia and Africa’s percentage behind at 60%, 54% and 51%, respectively.


In terms of growth of urban population from 1950 to 2030, Asia and Africa are expected to lead the way by expanding more than 3 time (17% to 54% and 15% to 51%). World and Latin America’s figures are forecast to grow by twice, whereas the rate of growth of urban population in Europe and North Ameria will be lower than 200%.


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