IELTS Listening Practice - Waste and Recycling

April 4, 2017


Circle the correct answers for questions 1-4 [Recording 1]


1. Mirinda is concerned about


a. not understanding the essay title.

b. missing out on vital information.

c. feeling too ill to come to college.


2. Where does Dr Dartford claim that 8 percent of waste is recycled? 


a. Businesses 

b. Homes

c. Factories


3. According to Dr Dartford, at the moment the UK


a. recycles only household waste.

b. recycles more than other European countries. 

c. is not keeping up with its growing household waste. 


4. One way to bring about key changes in waste recycling is


a. the separation of household waste. 

b. for targets to improve. 

c. for household waste to be collected by the local council. 



Now answer questions 5-10. Complete the notes using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer [Recording 2]


The one message that is not getting enough attention is that the (5) .................... also has a responsibility. The reason why their waste levels are rising is due to changes in (6) .................... and an increase in wealth. There has also been an increase in the sale of (7)  ....................and pre-packed goods which is a result of people wanting their lives to (8) .................... . However, unless we can change our current (9) ...................., recycling will remain challenging. This ultimately comes down to the role of (10) .................... and them being more willing to buy recycled goods. 



Please find recording 1 here and recording 2 here


Please find the keys here



What are the recycling cultures of your country? Please share them with others by leaving a comment. 


Watch this video produced by The Daily Conversation to see the list of top 10 countries in the world that recycle waste the most. 








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