Vocabulary Builder Exercises - Linking Words and Their Functions

October 23, 2017


Exercise 1: Matching each linking word (1-5) with its correct function (a-e).


1. Furthermore

2. However

3. For example

4. As a result

5. In fact


a. To show a consequence

b. To show an interesting or surprising fact 

c. To build additional information 

d. To introduce evidence which supports existing analysis 

e. To add contradictory information



Exercise 2: Complete the following sentences with the linking words from Exercise 1. 


1. Many smokers believe that e-cigarettes are the solution which helps them quit smoking. ...................., scientific researches show that e-cigarettes are more addictive and lethal than traditional cigarettes. 


2. Some people think that poor urban planning and development is the leading cause of traffic congestion. ...................., studies illustrate that the uncontrollable growth of private vehicles in many big cities is a greater cause. 


3. Many cities have implemented regulations which put a financial burden on drivers, in an attempt to encourage them to use public transport. ...................., drivers who wish to enter the city center of London during rush hours have to pay a fee. 


4. Greater governmental investment is needed in order to refurbish and modernize classrooms in rural areas. ...................., more well-trained teachers should also be encouraged to work in these underdeveloped areas. 


5. In the modern society, many children tend to eat much more than their bodies can consume and be physically inactive. ...................., the rate of obesity among this group is increasing worldwide. 



Please find the keys here.



Why are linking words useful in academic writing and speaking contexts? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. 






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