Writing Task 1 Revision - Topics of the General Training Module

October 30, 2017


1. An overview of Writing Task 1 under the General Training module: 


- Write a letter with a minimum length of 150 words in a desirable amount of time of 20 minutes.


- The contexts can be informal, semi-formal or formal.



2. A sample topic: 


Your friend has to do a presentation next week. Write a letter to your friend to give him/her advice. In your letter,


- wish him/her good luck

- explain what he/she should do to improve the presentation

- explain what he/she should not do during the presentation


Write at least 150 words.



3. Important tips:  


- Read the topic quickly to understand its context.


- Have a think about your ideas and story.


- Be aware of and comply with instructions: Time limit and word limit. These two limits are currently 150 words minimum and 20 minutes, respectively but they may unexpectedly change!



4. Generate ideas for your letter: 


- There is no true or false idea. Be imaginative!


- Think of question-starting (WH) words such as What, Where, When, Who, Which, Whom and How. Each WH word will help you unfold a new idea.


- Imagine that you are writing an email like you do everyday.



5. Build an outline for your letter: 


Spend less than 5 minutes in total to read the topic, instructions and build an outline!


Introduction: Greetings and purpose of your letter.


Body Contents: Answer 3 supporting questions raised in the topic. However, you do not have to strictly follow them.


Conclusion: Call for future actions (if necessary) and good bye.



6. Useful vocabulary and grammar: 


- Introduction:


If you know their name: Dear Mr./ Ms./ Mrs. (in informal contexts, you may use their first name)

If you don’t know their name: Dear Sir/ Madam

If you email to an organization: Dear (name of the organization)

If you email to a specific department of an organization: Dear the … Department of …


- Conclusion:


Kind regards, / Best regards, / With regards,

Yours sincerely,

- Other supporting structures for the conclusion:


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for reading this letter. Please let me know when I can call you to discuss the matter in detail.


- Linking words to connect sentences and paragraphs:


First (of all), Secondly, My third point is …

In addition to …, Furthermore, Moreover, Besides, Equally important …

- Avoid the use of direct commands and use the words Please, Kindly, Would like to, Would appreciate if often. Always maintain a friendly and polite manner.


- Don’t try to use very complicated language but diversify your vocabulary and grammar.



Please click here to see many sample IELTS Writing topics and answers. 






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