Vocabulary Builder Exercises - Social and Economic Policies

November 8, 2017


Exercise 1: Match each social or economic policy (1-5) with its correct definition (a-e). 


1. Corporate Tax

2. Interest Rate

3. Government Spending

4. Unemployment Benefits

5. Stop and Search


a. The amount of expenditure that a government spends on public sectors and projects

b. The percentage of profits that a business has to pay to the government 

c. The rate of return on bank deposits or the charge on borrowing 

d. The program enabling police officers to randomly check people and their belongings

e. The amount of money paid to people without jobs 



Exercise 2: Use the terms in exercise 1 (1-5) to complete the following sentences. 


1. Human right activists in the UK argue that under the ……………….. program, police officers intentionally target black people more than white people.


2. Donald Trump is among political leaders in the world who believe that lowering ……………….. can boost business investment and create jobs. 


3. Sociologists claim that ……………….. actually increase people's economic dependence on the state and reduce their willingness to work. 


4. Some European countries had set a negative ……………….. in attempt to discourage savings and increase consumer spending. 


5. A disadvantage of boosting ……………….. is that it may unexpectedly discourage investment from the private sector. 



Please find the answers here



What do you think of these policies? Are they efficient and to what extent? Please share your opinions by leaving a comment. 



Watch this video produced by Vox to understand the political achievements of Barack Obama during his eight years as the US President. 








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