Writing Task 2 Revision – Taking a Gap Year Before Going to University

June 8, 2018


Sample Topic:


Many high school graduates decide to take a gap year before going to university. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer.



Sample Ideas:


a. Advantages:


- Opportunity to gain practical work experience

- Opportunity to expand social and professional networks

- Opportunity to take part in courses which will improve students’ academic and non-academic skills, e.g. presentation


b. Disadvantages:


- Possible financial difficulty to cover costs of living during the gap year

- The advantages will not be realistic if students do not clearly plan their gap year

- Academic skills, e.g. foreign language proficiency, can be reduced if students are not in a proper academic environment.



Do you want to share your essay to others? If yes, please type it in the comment section, and I will leave feedback on your work.



Want to learn more about gap year? Watch this video, made by Just Deenie, to see what her gap year experience looks like.








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