Speaking Part 3 Revision – Crime and Poverty

November 21, 2018


Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on the topic of crime:


- What do you think are the social causes of crime?


- Do you think that poverty is a justification for crime?


- Why do some rural areas have a lower rate of crime than big cities?


- What are the negative impacts of crime on families and households?


- Can private businesses do something to reduce crime?



Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on the topic of poverty:


- Why do some big cities have a high rate of poverty?


- Does economic growth always help reduce poverty?


- How can investment in education help the world reduce poverty?


- In what ways does poverty negatively affect a country’s budget?


- What can governments and private businesses do to eradicate poverty?



Want to share your answers to the questions above with others? Please leave a comment below, and we will give feedback on your answers.



Want to learn more about illegal immigration in the UK? Watch this episode of “UK Border Force”. 








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