IELTS Listening Revision – Safety Advice for International Students

January 26, 2019




Questions 11-13


Choose the correct letter from A – C for each answer


11. The problem that Constable Gray describes is


A. women being robbed.

B. thieves stealing bags from international tourists.

C. Darlinghurst residents being robbed.


12. It is difficult to chase the thieves because


A. they catch their victims by surprise.

B.  they choose older victims.

C. the victims find it difficult to run as fast as the thieves.


13. The police have caught


A. only two of the thieves.

B. none of the thieves yet.

C. almost all of the thieves.



Questions 14-15


Choose TWO letters from A – E for each answer


14&15 Police advise the group of students to


A. chase the thieves if it is safe.

B. be more careful when they place their bags.

C. avoid being alone in the area.

D. avoid carrying too much money with them.

E. use credit cards as much as possible.



Questions 16-20


Complete the following notes using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer


If robbed, you should contact your (16) ……………….. or Darlinghurst Police Station with the following details:


- your full name

- your contact telephone number

- time of the incident

- location of the incident, for example, nearest (17) ……………….. or name of (18) ………………..

- (19) ……………….. of item that was stolen


Prevent illegal use of credit cards by (20) ……………….. as soon as possible after the theft.



Please find the recording here (the relevant part starts from 3:15 to 9:10) and the answers here.


How many correct answers did you get? Please share your result with us by leaving a comment.






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