Writing Task 1 Revision – Sample Table Essay

August 31, 2019


A quick look at the table shows us that:


  • 2005 is a past time period. Therefore, we must use the past tense to describe information in this year.

  • There are two years in the table chart. As a result, we must also analyze changes and trends, if applicable.



Sample essay:


The table demonstrates the proportion of children who faced different educational problems in two primary schools in 2005 and 2015.


In 2005, all percentage figures of school A were greater than those of school B. Specifically, 42% and 40% of students in school A found it difficult to follow instructions and concentrate in lessons, respectively, while only 6% and 15% of students in school B faced the same issues. In addition, more than a third of students in school A (35%) recorded difficulty listening to teachers and verbally expressing their ideas, whereas less than 15% of students in school B faced the same educational problems. The percentage of students with spelling problems in school A (30%) was six times greater than that in school B (5%); furthermore, the difference was four times as for handwriting and nearly four times as for reading problems.


In 2015, although all percentage figures of school A were still higher than those of school B, most educational problems in school A had become less serious. Except for the percentage of students with reading and handwriting difficulty (which slightly increased to 23% and stayed unchanged at 28%, respectively), the percentage of students with other educational problems in school A in 2015 dropped. By contrast, the proportion of students with five out of seven educational problems in school B rose; strikingly, the proportion of those who found it difficult to spell and follow instructions even doubled (from 5% to 10% and 6% to 12%, respectively).



(248 words)



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