The content on this website is really good and advisable to everyone who wants to pass the IELTS examination. 

Shah Alam Jalal


I would regard Mr. Duc's website as fully reliable and useful. It provides us with tips and tricks to successfully achieve a great score in the IELTS exam. The layout of the website is very professional, and everything is detailed and easy to find. Thank you Mr. Duc for creating this platform!

Ansab Naveed


This website has helped me a lot with my preparation for the IELTS exam and first year of university. I would greatly recommend it to others who are revising for IELTS, or simply want to improve their English.

Trevor Lang


Duc's website is definitely a great source for preparing for the IELTS exam. Easy to use, you can find all main points to make the most of yourself during the exam, achieving the grades you are expected to or even higher. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Mr. Duc. You have been doing a great job so far!

Karine Castro


I want to say thank you to Mr. Duc for his valuable tips and useful materials on this website. Thanks to them, I could easily improve my IELTS skills and achieve my target score. 

Rei Bako


Mr. Duc's website helped me a lot in preparing for IELTS. He did not only include many exercises, but also detailed strategies of how to approach the exam and prevent wasting time on unimportant revision techniques. Thank you, Mr. Duc! 

Paul Friedrich


Mr. Duc, I have never been more proud to personally know an individual. Your website is not only extremely helpful for those who are about to sit the IELTS exam, but it is also user-friendly and eye-catching. The content gives everyone the basic tools to not only succeed but excel in the IELTS exam. 

Khalid Ali


This website is especially helpful for those who are willing to make the most of the IELTS exam. It is very easy to use, well structured and provides practical materials for different exam sections. 

Tina Igorevna Iurkova


This website is critically important for people who are preparing for the IELTS exam. It has everything you need to know to get a good result. 

Javid Alikishibayov


This website provides the basic information you need to know when you are preparing for the IELTS exam, including features of the four different papers, as well as tips and materials that will help you with your revision. 

M.c. Tse

Hong Kong

This is a very useful website. By visiting it, I am able to find a lot of reliable and professional materials for my IELTS revision. It has a very good graphical design as well. 

Nguyen Hoang Minh


This website is absolutely an amazing place for students to revise for the IELTS exam. It covers a lot of key and important points of the IELTS exam. Brilliant! 

Abby Lee


This is an excellent website for people to learn IELTS and English. It is very useful and full of educated content. 

Lisa Phan


A great website. It is professional, helpful and easy to understand for all IELTS candidates. 

Ho Hoang Thai


This website provides key information about the IELTS exam with a wide range of useful tips. I think the most useful part is tips and materials since I can use it to improve my vocabulary.

Nguyen Hai Yen


If you need professional learning materials to revise for your upcoming IELTS test, this website is the place to go to. Mr. Duc has put in a tremendous amount of effort to make this website a reliable and useful source for IELTS learners. Highly recommended to everyone!

Phan Hoang Quoc Khanh


Mr. Duc has created an insightful website with great content needed to pass the IELTS exam with no problem. I had the honour of studying with Mr. Duc at the University of Hong Kong, and can say that he's a great person.

Patrick Iele


As a native English speaker myself, "IELTS with Mr. Duc" is one of the most comprehensive websites you can use to study for the IELTS exam. With plenty of samples from each section of the exam to practice on and weekly educational posts by Mr. Duc himself, you are guaranteed to pass with Mr. Duc!

Carlos Marin

United States

This website is designed very scientifically and easy to use. The Listening section comprises many audios which are very easy to understand, a good start for studying IELTS. Moreover, Duc also shared his useful tips in the Speaking section through specific case studies. In my own opinion, this is a wonderful website for those who want to achieve a high score in IELTS.

Nguyen Hung Quang Khai


The contents on this website make me enjoy preparing for the IELTS test, because Mr. Duc has created easy-to-understand exercises and very useful revision tips. Thank you!

Wongsagon Nittayakhom


The design of the website is very professional and easy to navigate. It informs us of everything necessary. Duc is also one of the best teachers I've ever had. I've had my fair share and never felt more comfortable to say "wow!!" after the first session. I can highly recommend him. 

Nicole Riedel

United Arab Emirates

Mr. Duc is a determined and dedicated professional. I would recommend him in any circumstance because of the ability he has to share his knowledge with others. A website that will meet your expectations without a doubt!!

Exhej Gjoka


This website had helped me build up my fundamental skills of IELTS. I strongly recommend people who have been struggled with IELTS to give a shot.

Hsin-Wei Chiu


The website is not only very well designed and structured, but it also prepares you perfectly for the IELTS exam. I highly recommend Mr. Duc's website!

Sergej Kemmer


A very user-friendly website! I recommend it to anyone in the process of obtaining the IELTS certificate or simply wanting to know more about it. Useful information in just a few clicks!

Daniel De Eguren


The website is simple to navigate and is full of countless helpful tips. With the tools located around this website, you'll pass your IELTS test in no time!

Saa Mondeh

United Kingdom

Great website for anyone who wants to prepare for the IELTS exam and improve their English. Mr. Duc is a true professional and I personally would highly recommend this website!

Rudolfs Plavenieks


Mr. Duc’s exercises and in-depth explanations make studying easy work. Would highly recommend to anyone considering taking the IELTS exam!

Svetoslav Ivanov


Mr. Duc’s website is one of the best sources for IELTS preparation. The content is extremely helpful and the website is easy to work with. I specifically enjoyed reading all the “Sample Essays”. Please keep up the great work and thank you!

Parto Ghalehkhani


Mr. Duc is a kind and patient teacher who was able to help me with preparation for my Economics exam. In addition, he is also a great IELTS teacher who has developed his own website and helped not only me but others who struggle at first with English.

Elizaveta Nitievskaya


Mr. Duc is a very hardworking man and he really knows how to break complex topics down to the level of his Economics students. In addition to Economics, he also tutors IELTS which he is really good at. I would recommend him to anyone. 

Andrews Osei Wusu


Having created a great IELTS website and been an even greater teacher, Duc is patient and knows how to tackle any question I had about my Economics course. This website is also your to-go destination when it comes to preparing for the IELTS test as it contains everything you need to know about it. 

Mohammad Huzain


Duc helped me prepare for my Economics exam and he is very good with helping me understand the concepts. He is also great at other things like IELTS, and he just developed this website which is a great source to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Sara Alwazzan


I find Mr. Duc an incredible teacher - He made me feel very positive and confident from the first lesson. You need special skills to be able to teach like he does. Furthermore, IELTS With Mr Duc is also a very useful website and it helped me a lot with improving my English. Thank you a million times!

Bianca Bobes


Duc helped me with preparation for my Economics exam. His explanations are always very good and understandable. Also, I would highly recommend his IELTS website for those people who are seeking excellent materials for exam preparation. 

Victor Ishchenko


Mr. Duc is a conversant and understanding teacher. He helped me step by step in the preparation for my exams in Mathematics and Financial Accounting, which gave me clarity of certain topics in these subjects. In addition, he has created an IELTS website which I highly recommend to you!

Marcellina Helen Kabau


Mai Duc is a really patient tutor and knows exactly how to deal with all kinds of students. He always finds a way to motivate the students and also makes boring topics interesting. I can highly recommend Mai Duc as a tutor! This website is clearly structured; everybody is able to meet their individual needs. It helps you to get a better expectation of what will appear in the IELTS test.

Nicole Gaertner


Mr. Duc deserves a Nobel prize in teaching for his excellent teaching skills and outstanding knowledge of Statistics. His IELTS website has everything you need to prepare for the IELTS exam - useful tips, materials and exercises. A strongly recommended destination for IELTS candidates. 

Erik Nguyen


Mr. Duc is a very talented and friendly teacher. He helped me with understanding and preparing myself for my Computer Analysis exam. He is also a great IELTS teacher who has developed his own website and helped a lot of persons who struggle with English.

Abbas Zorkot


This website helped me a lot to prepare for my IELTS Exam. I could easily use the valuable tips he provided to achieve my target score. I want to say thanks to Mr. Duc for such a great job that he's doing! Keep up the good work, Mr. Duc!

Truong Hong Nhung


I recently took Economics and Management & Cost Accounting (MCA) tutorials with Mr. Duc. He is a kind, conversant and patient teacher - He explained to me all the topics step by step and made sure that I understood them with clarity. In addition, he also has an IELTS website that I highly recommend to you!

Akshat Shrimali


Based on my experience, this study platform from Mr. Duc is very helpful for everyone who is going take the IELTS exam. I want to admit that all collected materials are based on the latest actual topics for the exam! There is a really high chance that you can get a very similar exam question in the exam and have more confidence in your answers. It is a really great source to practice your skills for each exam section as well as get detailed checks and support from the experienced teacher Mr. Duc :)

Aleksandra Mykhaylets


The contents provided are great and easily understandable. The website guided me through my IELTS preparation. With Mr. Duc’s assistance, I was also able to ace my Math and Financial Accounting exam with ease. Will surely recommend this platform! 

Jensen George


Mr. Duc is a very patient tutor who understands what his students need. His work ethics and teaching styles are extremely motivational and make studying much more fun. Also, great work done on this website!

Julius Stackmann


Mr. Duc is a very friendly tutor. He taught me Financial Accounting and the classes went really well. He is a very organized person and has a very nice way to explain the subject to me. On the other hand, he can also help you get ready for your IELTS exam, and I really recommend that you visit his website in order to be well prepared for the IELTS exam.

Basmeh Sabbati


Mr. Duc is an extraordinary tutor. I attended his preparation sessions for the final Mathematics exam. There were some exercises in the mock exam given to us that I had never understood until I attended the sessions and listened to Mr. Duc’s thorough explanations. He taught in a remarkably clear and understandable way. I was one of the students who definitely struggled with Mathematics and Mr. Duc was an enormous help for me. I also highly recommend his website! 

Maria Tishkina


Duc is an extremely enthusiastic teacher, who is patient and always finds the optimal explanations for questions being asked. This website is also very straightforward and easy to navigate with such helpful contents!

Jackson Trinh


Duc is the best tutor I have had without a doubt. He is very professional with his work. Also, he is able to efficiently summarize the course and to explain its contents in a comprehendible way. Moreover, he provides his students with all the necessary materials for self-learning and helps them outside tutoring hours whenever they have questions. His website is also an excellent place to find all the necessary IELTS materials!

Osama Ghumari


Dear Mr. Duc, I am writing here to say thank you from the core of my heart on this very special day today. I took the IELTS exam in Canada in June and scored an overall band of 7. You taught me many things and I always remember you as a dedicated teacher who helped me learn certain things, which are now proved very fruitful for me. Once again I thank you Mr. Duc. 

Karamjit Kaur Sandhu


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